Solution Manager, Data Engineering & Analytics (Helsinki)

Elisa Data & Analytics function is responsible for development of large-scale analytics to various Elisa’s business needs. We value the data and we are focused on learning how to support our customers better and want to produce experiences in our customers’ everyday life.

We’re looking for a Solution Manager for the Elisa Data & Analytics Enterprise BI team to work together with our skilled Architect, Solution Managers, Data Engineers and Business analysts.

The Data & Analytics Enterprise BI unit is responsible of Elisa internal data warehouse content, integrations within DW ecosystem and internal reporting & analysis platforms. We provide services for our internal and external customers with a target to reach and maintain a high client satisfaction towards our development and maintenance services. We can guarantee you a great company and fantastic team to work in with the large and challenging environment.

Your future team is located in Helsinki, Finland. The position is full-time and permanent. We truly believe in flexible way of working and you can work from wherever in Finland you get the best results, if you are occasionally willing to travel to our HQ in Pasila.

You will guide and participate in the technical work of the team. You are one of the Solution managers in our team. You will participate in Elisa's data projects as a supervisor and as an advisor. You will cooperate between the business and technical teams to identify and articulate business needs and relevant solution capabilities.

Your main task would be leading work of the data integrations to data warehouse, modelling data, designing and implementing data integrations between different systems and engineering many kinds of solutions for data handling and analysis. These complex systems require skills from data storages, data modelling, data integration and solid coding experience.

What we expect from you:

  • Experience and in-depth technical knowledge of the MPP data storages such as Vertica, Bigquery
  • Experience in data modelling
  • Proficiency in coding, databases and experience with modern software development patterns, including the following: distributed computing, data processing pipelines, and information security. Full stack understanding is required
  • Willingness to work with technologies such as Python, Java, Kafka, DBT or similar
  • Excellent SQL skills
  • Solid Linux skills and platform management experience
  • An enthusiasm and a desire to take responsibility for the progress of projects and get things done
  • Good interactive skills and fluent proficiency in English

We offer you:

  • Unique opportunity to directly affect the everyday life of our customers
  • The chance to strengthen our Data & analytics unit as a high-quality analytics team member and enhance Elisa’s customer understanding
  • A motivated and agile work environment
  • A fantastic, ”work is fun” team and good spirit
  • Good compensation and excellent employee benefit package

Why Elisa?

Elisa is one of Finland’s best places to work, by proof. We highly appreciate our extremely flexible working conditions, the endless learning opportunities and the friendly and laid-back culture, among other awesome things. Welcome to join us and see it all for yourself! Check out more reasons to join us.

Interested? Send us an application as soon as possible. We’ll fill the position as soon as we find the right candidate. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Antti on Antti.Uusoksa[at]  / 045-6700123.

We will perform a legitimate security clearance on the chosen candidate, which in turn requires having been a resident of Finland for a good number of years before the security clearance can be done.


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